Accident Advisory Against Danger Areas

Accident Advisory Against Danger Areas

Accident Advisory Against Danger Areas

9thJune 2019 around 1.30am when everyone at a rooftop bar was kicking back enjoying the music and having fun, a tragic accident took place. A security guard was performing his rounds when he notices trespassers which he followed into a cordoned-off area. The area of the bar was cordoned off for exterior building cleaning works and while entering the area, the security guard fell into a 4-meter-deep pit. The guard was later pronounced dead by attending paramedics.

These kinds of tragedy can be easily prevented if extra precaution is done. Do take 5 minutes to read thru our recommendation as to what should be done when dealing with similar working conditions.

Ensure all floor opening are covered

It is important to ensure that all floor openings have been firmly covered by a cover to prevent anyone from falling or stepping into the opening. The cover should also be made of a material that is of ample strength. The cover used should be able to withstand the weight of the planned usage of the area. E.g.: If the opening is on a walkway, the cover used should be able to withstand the weight of people walking over it.

If a need arises to remove the cover to perform work, those working on the opening should ensure that the cover is replaced over the opening once the work is completed or at the end of the working day to prevent anyone from falling or stepping into the opening.

Also, ensure that warning signs are placed near the opening or on the opening itself to inform people about the opening so that they can take extra caution when walking over it.

Blocking off danger area

  • There may be instances where you will be unable to place a proper cover over the opening. In the cordoned-off event of such instances, the area should be blocked off with fencing or hoarding to block and deter people from entering the danger area.
  • Stakeholders should ensure that all pathway to the danger areas has been properly sealed off with rigid barriers like guard rails. The barriers will have to prevent unauthorised access to the danger area and prevent anyone from getting to an accident.
  • Ensure that all routes to the danger area has been properly marked with warning signs and hazard warning tape. This will serve as a warning to everyone walking near the danger area to avoid the area if possible.
  • Make sure that all warning sign are noticeable and readable to all parties involved with the danger area, including workers and members of the public who may interact around or near the danger area. Stakeholders should also ensure that the warning signs are visible to all involved regardless of the weather conditions or time of day. Suitable lighting should be installed if the general lighting is proven insufficient in providing proper visibility.

Risk communication and awareness

  • All workers should have been properly informed on the potential dangers and threats that they could face in the assigned work area.
  • All workers should be properly cautioned on the correct steps to take to protect themselves while in the assigned danger area. Emphasise on the importance of wearing proper personal protective equipment at the appropriate situation to prevent falls at work.
  • Blinking beacon lights are also good tools to install at danger areas to act as warning symbols in areas with low visibility. The lights will assist in warning workers of the presence of danger and aid in increasing their alertness.
  • Staff should be deployed specially to spot and find trespassers from entering near the danger area at all times. Adequate signs should also be displayed to deter trespassers.

What happened in the rooftop bar was a situation that could be prevented if proper steps were taken to cover up the danger area. Ensure that similar accidents will not happen in your worksite by implementing the above steps when working with a similar work area.









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