Accident Advisory Against Moving Machinery

moving machinery

Accident Advisory Against Moving Machinery

Accident Advisory Against Moving Machinery

17thJanuary 2019, 1 worker was announced dead at the scene by paramedics. The worker was on this way to his work area when he was unfortunately caught in-between a mobile rail-guided ladle car and the wall along its tracks.

Prevent caught-in or caught-between kind of accidents from happening by taking extra precaution when dealing or working in similar situation. Do take 5 minutes to read thru our recommendation as to what should be done when dealing with a similar working conditions.

Workplace Layout

Always conduct a site walkabout and pinpoint out work areas what may be at risk of causing a work caught-in or caught-between situation.

Modify the workplace layout to guarantee sufficient space is created between machines or process units to enable for normal operation, adjustments and ordinary repairs and for the storage of materials.

Access to the work area

It is necessary to ensure that all workers have a safe way to reach and exit from their work area.

The 2 necessary points you should take note of in ensuring access to work areas are:

  1. Walkways between machines, installations (including walls) or piles of material should be at least 60cm or greater.


  1. Equipment that requires the use of tracks or rails should have an unobstructed passageway on both sides of the rail and it should be parallel to and extend out to cover the entire length of the tracks or rail.


In cases where a safe passageway cannot be created, the access route should be closed. Proper and clear signage should be put in place to caution all workers of the hazard zone.


Workers should also all be briefed on the risk involved if they decided to not follow the properly designated route. They should know the dangers that they’ll be facing like being caught in between a piece of moving equipment if they choose to ignore the designated routes.

Workplace Lighting

Ensure that sufficient lighting is present for all access routes and at areas where work is supposed to be done. Proper lighting will help to prevent any unfortunate accidents from happening by raising the worker’s situational awareness and providing them with a better way to spot any form of workplace hazards.

Lightings which are too strong will provide an adverse effect. It is advisable to provide numerous low-strength lights to cover an area, then a single bright light. Lights which are too bright or strong may produce glare or reflection which can affect one sense of sight.

To avoid placing a strain on the eyes of the workers, ensure that consistence lighting is provided across the work area. As a large difference in lighting brightness can place a strain on worker’s eyes due to the continual adjustment between bright and dark areas.

Work Supervision

It is the job of the site supervisor or representative to do regular checks around the work area to ensure that there is no workers or obstruction before any movement of machine or equipment. Documentation of this practice should be done in the safe work procedure and stressed on during daily toolbox meetings.

Contractors and subcontractors will also need to be under the supervision of the supervisor or appointed representative. Ensure that all contractors and sub-contractors are properly brief and a site-specific risk assessments and safe work procedures have been set up for all the work activities involve.

Advice for workers.

Workers will also need to maintain vigilant and take notice of the moving equipment around. They should maintain a safe distance from all moving equipment. Ensure that they never place themselves in a position between a piece of moving equipment and an immovable structure or stack of material.

Workers should never perform any tasks that they are not trained for or perform tasks which they have not been properly briefed on. This is to decrease the chances of accidents from happening from operating unfamiliar equipment.











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